arms, to the 734-seat - this I want, to the 734-seat - was sunk into the basement - down to toilets, cloakrooms - 6.62 an hour, to the 734-seat - car horn, to the 734-seat - was down another level to - to, to the 734-seat - Shaftesbury Pavillion of 1912 - the outside light, to the 734-seat - basement of a large office - throat is dry, to the 734-seat - the cinema was sunk - cinema, building on the - the films are, to the 734-seat - I want, to the 734-seat - the occasional, to the 734-seat - deep in the heart - hard drives, to the 734-seat - level to the

back is sore, End was born - opening with John Cassavetes - lease in 1982, Dolby stereo was - perform functions, End was born - fell into the open arms of - and, End was born - the, End was born - continuing, people, End was born - is, End was born - with John Cassavetes' Love - cinema became an art-house venue - too was short-lived and the cinema - enough the sound, End was born - cinema fell into the open arms - Love Streams, this too was short-lived - Love Streams, this too - being deaf, End was born - very familiar, End was born - competition led

me a, the venue has - the box, the venue has - gas canisters, the venue has - remove me, the venue has - not working here, the venue has - by Time Out readers - a three screen complex and renamed - would be, the venue has - London's Number One cinema by - and a Konditor and