sex life

Under state control as in sorry state of affairs. Spayed or sprayed, didn't matter. More slink than skank, she was wired that way, or strung. What can you do with those hands? Enough to tremble a mouse?

social life

A loofah. Post. Anything she can sink her claws in. Ladies who lunch alone need an opening, then it's plain entrailing. She despises plane food, though the temperature suits her palate. A plate of sweet breads, that's a euphemistic mouthful. Washing her mouth out was anathema to her culture, but try saying that.

second life

Expecting ethereality? What a gas. A simultaneous simulacrum. The enduring as opposed to the hereafter. Everybody wants to be a cartoon.

personal life

A brief engagement, an acting class, a legal altercation, a 1985 ABC TV special, an invitation, an alcoholic student, an avid gardener, an on-screen couple, a temporary ban, a blind date, a TV and film actor, a group event, an associate, an uncredited cameo appearance, a real-estate investment company, a family, a daughter, a young nurse, a long-time Connecticut resident, a son, a converted barn, a measure of fame, a sprawling farm, a beach, a vocal advocate, a February 2000 car accident, a civil right, a concussion, a partner, a misdemeanor charge, a civil-rights thing, a fine.

day-to-day life

Precise. Regal. Solid Gold. Sensible Choice. Best in Show. Triumph. Go Natural. Back to Basics. Natural Life. Natural Balance. Premium Edge. Evolve. Evolution. Pedigree. Pinnacle. Purina. Nature's Finest. Halo. Spectrum. Natural.

private life

I am Devouring Lady, I am Bast. I am the myth of the spinster left to die. A light on. Grows through the town: sistra, and a green light.

family life

A litter, literally? I’m eco-friendly or at least familiar. Pre-gender, now post-gender, I pounced over. No cunt, I am the runt. The end of the feline.